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Summer Positions

To be a servant leader requires a mental shift, a change in your attitudes. God is always more interested in why we do something than in what we do. Are you ready to put feet to your faith?  Do you want to activate what you have learned and what others have shared with you?  Do you need to get off the religious side lines and serve?  Then come join us this summer in one of the most dynamic ministry experiences you will ever have, right here at Shiloh Camp!

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Summer Camp Counselor

You’re teacher, coach, friend and mentor!  You will lead, guide, and inspire a group of kids every week.  We are looking for folks who love God, kids, and camp. One leader and one assistant/volunteer are responsible for a family group of campers; this group is divided into groups by age and gender. Counselors take their family groups to each activity; sit together during lunch, as well during time in the amphitheater, lead daily family group discussion. Counselors must be comfortable leading discussions and bible study within the group and be receptive to a camper’s spiritual needs. Family group time is the most important time of the day at Shiloh. The desire is to provide a safe, loving place for a camper to feel accepted and part of a family.

Summer Camp Counselor-in-Training

***Volunteer Position***

deal training ground to prepare to be a Camp Counselor in the future. Get to know how it all works in a "hands on" capacity!   Loving kids, having fun and serving where needed.  Our C.I.T.’s are the best! A volunteer may be used as a family group assistant, an assistant for a class, or as part of the water crew. Where the volunteer is placed, depends entirely on the needs of each week. Volunteers must be flexible enough to be used where they are most needed!

Summer Camp Art Instructor

Help us teach campers to honor God through the arts. Previously, Shiloh Camp has offered painting, photography, clay, graphic design, dance, ukulele, crafts, spoken word, rhythm, choir, painting, drama, and more! Do you have an artistic skill? Let us know, and we can discuss more about the possibility of adding a specific art class.

Summer Camp Activity Instructor

Class Structure: An instructor can expect 8 to 12 campers per group; divided by age and gender specific groups. The camper age range during children’s camp is 8-12 and teen camp is 13-17. Each class is one hour long and there are four classes per day. Campers only attend each class twice during their camp week.


Mountain Bike Instructor: Two wheels and a trail excite you? Then maybe Mountain Bike Instructor is for you.  This instructor teaches campers about bikes and bike safety, and leads them through a bike trail in the woods. Sections of the trail are challenging for inexperienced riders. Instructor must perform trail maintenance (weed eating, clearing trail of debris, etc.) and be able to repair bikes. Must be fit enough to ride a bike at least four hours a day, five days a week. Pre-camp bike preparation necessary for this role.


Waterfront Supervisor/Fishing Instructor/Canoe Instructor Description: Do you love the water? Then consider a position on our waterfront. Whether you want to teach a specific class (fishing or canoeing) or provide oversight for all of our waterfront activities, this is the place for you. Safety of campers and maintenance of all equipment, including life jackets, fishing poles, and canoes is essential.


Animal Care Instructor: The animal care instructor works with the animals in our petting farm, exposing children to the basics of caring for animals. The animal farm consists of rabbits, chickens and other small livestock. The animal care instructor must have a background in general animal care and the desire to create and teach an animal program.


Gardening Instructor: Great for passionate individuals interested in working with campers in a hands-on, outdoor setting within organic garden. Instructors will help design, facilitate and implement the lesson plans for Summer Camp, with guidance from the Program Coordinator, which includes faith-based themes and activities.

Summer Camp Photographer/Videographer

Kids, parents and staff will see it through your eyes! The camp photographer needs to shoot quality digital photos, as well as create an exciting daily video recap and weekly video recap. Photos will be used for the website, brochures, newsletters, mail-outs, etc. After camp, the photographer/videographer will be required to create additional Shiloh Camp videos, to be determined prior to the start of summer camp, but could include staff recruitment, general Shiloh Camp overview, program specific overviews, etc.

Summer Camp Caregiver

Calling all tenderhearted servants with TLC and a willing heart!  We need you! The Caregiver is responsible for distributing medication, tending to ill campers/staff, scraped knees and charting treatment for each camper, handling emergency medical situations, and keeping “Care Area” clean and organized. The Caregiver must stay on site as long as campers are present.

Summer Camp Maintenance Crew

This vital team holds camp together.  Servant hearten, and a W.I.T. “Whatever It Takes Attitude” is what is needed for this crew. Responsibilities include filling water coolers with ice and water, trash, set-up and tear-down of equipment, mowing, weed eating, in-camp errands, and more.

Summer Camp Office Assistant

You are the face and voice of Shiloh as you meet, greet and serve campers, parents and staff.  The first requirement for this job is a great attitude; a smile goes a long way.  Basic computer skills, organizational skills, phone skills, flexible and creativity go a long way in this role to help our full time staff facilitate the summer office operations of Shiloh.


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