Health and Safety

Shiloh Camp is committed to the health and safety of families during our Family Retreats


#1 Staff and Volunteer Screening

All staff and volunteers are required to complete a health safety screen on a weekly basis to ensure they have not been experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, have traveled outside the US, and have not been exposed to COVID-19. Staff and volunteers will also receive daily temperature checks prior to their shift.


#2 Staff Safety Training

All staff have been trained on all required health and safety protocols including proper hand washing techniques, social distancing, personal protective equipment, and cleaning procedures. They have also been trained on the symptoms and exposure times related to COVID-19.


#3 Self-Report Form

Each family will be required to a sign a self-report form when they register. This form will state that they need to review the information regarding health concerns, symptoms, and time frames. Families will be asked not to attend their scheduled retreat time if anyone in their family does not meet these requirements, all the way up to the date of their scheduled retreat.


#4 Sanitizing and Hand Washing

All participants will be required to wash their hands when they arrive, and before they leave. All staff will be fully trained on proper hand washing techniques, and signs will be posted at all hand washing stations. Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be spread throughout Shiloh Camp for convenience. 

Staff will sanitize shared spaces and items on a frequent basis to help ensure all touched services are clean.


#5 Social Distancing

Staff and participants will practice good social distancing practices, including the recommended 6 feet of distance. Staff and participants will do so by eliminating touching such as handshakes, hugs, and high-fives. these will be replaced with waiving, smiling, and air hugs while maintaining six feet of distance.


#6 Spread It Out

Families will be grouped together, with each family socially distanced from the other families at the retreat. Shiloh Camp will provide guidance and barriers to help families keep it spread out and maintain proper social distancing.


#7 No Shared Items

Participants will not be asked to used shared items without participants outside of their family unless the items are sanitized between use. Prior to set-up or distribution of any items given to families, staff will be required to wash or sanitize their hands.


#8 Limiting Exposure

During this current health crisis, Shiloh Camp will be limiting access of non-program participants, staff, and required volunteers onto our property. 


#9 Masks Not Required by Participants

Our goal is to have activities outside where social distancing is easier. For that reason, Shiloh Camp is not requiring participants to wear masks. All Shiloh Camp staff and volunteers will wear masks  during Family Retreats. However, please feel to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable.